Sample Packs make a return! (sort of)

Well, the people have spoken… and the people want sample packs!

The website now applies a discount to your cart when you order any 5 bottles of e-liquid (it drops the cost the price of four). It happens automatically when you add 5 bottles of any juice on our website. There are some funky calculations when you add multiple bottle sizes, but it appears that it works in your (the customer) favor. Please e-mail any feedback/issues you have on the system to [email protected].

I had a really hard time trying to figure out how to implement a system similar to the one that I had in place on the old site. I don’t currently have labels that fit my 6ml bottles, and, honestly, I wasn’t really happy with the 6ml implementation at any point. Once we upgraded our labels and re-branded a bit, we just stopped making 6ml bottles, and upgraded everyone who ordered 6mls to 15mls. This was overall a plus for our customers, but not an ideal situation for everyone. I believe the new system is better because it allows for more freedom in choosing what you get out of a sample pack, in a little more fluid package than the traditional ‘choose 5 flavors’ page that a lot of juice websites do. Sort of a ‘build-your-own’ sample pack.

The other advantage is that I get to also reward the people who buy larger amounts of e-liquid, because it applies the discount to ANY 5 bottles purchased, including the larger sizes – so someone who buys 5 100mls will only pay for four of them. The way the system works if you order multiple sizes is that it will calculate the average cost per unit of what you buy – for example, if you buy 4 30mls and 1 15ml, the average cost per bottle is $13.60, so that amount is automatically discounted off of your cart. It sort of loses some money on my end – because ideally the spirit of the coupon would only give you the $8 of the 15ml off your price, but the flexibility it provides makes the system very robust overall.

Ultimately, it makes it a lot less work for you, the consumer, and that’s what I’m all about.

Please send me feedback on the new system if you’ve made it this far, and let me know of any other features you guys would like to see on the site.


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