Cloud Bear Rat


This is a fusion of Grizzly Vapes and Axiom Vaping's signature products. If you like either of the two (Nanner/Giant Cloud Rat or their derivatives), you're sure to love this juice! The custardy/cakey goodness of cloud rat accentuates the already complex nature of the bears, and it elevates both flavors into a very unique take on either juice. The Bear portion of this juice is complex enough to keep your taste buds from growing tired of the flavor, and the Cloud Rat flavors enhance the richness of the vape overall. The best part about any juice with a Bear in it is that you taste different things at different times!


Notice - This e-liquid has been found to contain trace  amounts of diacetyl and/or acetyl proprionyl. Inhalation of heated diacetyl over a long period of time (tens of years) has been associated with Bronchiolitis Obliterans, which is a rare lung disease. Acetyl propionyl exposure has been associated in a similar manner during other studies. As a reminder - no flavors used in the e-cigarette industry are considered safe for inhalation at all by any regulatory agency in the U.S. These two chemicals in particular pose more known risk than any others used in the flavorings we all vape, but it is unlikely that vaping, in general, is safe. Vaping is, and has always been, a way to absorb nicotine into the body without  less risk than  smoking tobacco.


This juice is only offered in 30ml bottles at this time.

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